HMS Athletics Parent/Spectator Expectations

 Here at HMS we take pride in how we conduct ourselves and expect the same of our athletes and parents. We have a tradition of successful teams as well as holding ourselves to high standards of sportsmanship and character. As we tell our athletes, we would rather lose with strong character than win with poor character. As we continue through seasons here, we want to make sure that all athletes, coaches, and parents are on the same page.

In relation to athletes (HMS or opposing):

 Please have good sportsmanship to all players on the field, court or track. Cheer for our HMS athletes, celebrate in success and congratulate in defeat. As you see with our teams, we will always win with grace and lose with humility looking inward to improve for the next competition.

In relation to officials:

 Please understand that they are human and this is middle school. They will miss calls that we see or will not make what we may perceive as the best judgements, but at the end of the day, this is middle school. We need to be the example and show our athletes that you can advocate for the team without personally attacking an official or being disrespectful. (Per UIL, athletes can be withheld from competing for one calendar year due to an assault on an official.)

In relation to coaches (HMS or opposing):

 Please know that we will do our best to prepare your athletes for high school athletics and life. The games are only a small sample of what we work on with your athletes. We practice with them daily, teach their classes, and get to know them off the field and court. Please adhere to the 24 Hour rule. Wait 24 hours after the games to discuss concerns with the coaches. It is not ok to confront the coaches right after a game or practice. If you have a concern, please send it in an email and we can work through it together. We will not discuss playing time or any athlete other than yours.

In relation to other parents/spectators:

 Everyone is there to watch their athlete and enjoy the game. Arguments with other adults can have adverse effects on an athlete's experience and can deter them from competing in athletics.


Our goals for your athlete here at HMS can be summed up in two main goals: Build strong character and prepare your athlete for anything they want to participate in at the next level. Yes, we like to win games and championships, but our main focus is preparing your athletes for the next level. Please feel free to communicate with your head coach and coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.