Avid Elective Course Information


What does a Typical Week in the AVID Classroom look like?
Monday- Socratic Tutorials - support core content courses (TRF due)
Tuesday- AVID Curriculum (WICOR) 
Wednesday- Socratic Tutorials - support core content courses (TRF due)
Thursday- AVID Curriculum (WICOR) 
Friday- Team Building/ Motivational Activities (Cornell Notes due  + Binder & Planner checks)

What are the three main elements of the AVID elective class?

  • Organization – Each AVID student is required to carry a 3” binder with school supplies, dividers for each class, planners and assignment logs, and schoolwork neatly organized chronologically. All AVID students complete long-range graduation and post-graduation plans, as well as set mid- and short-range goals. Binder and planner checks will occur weekly.
  • Cornell Notes – The Cornell Note-taking process teaches students how to take effective notes, how to process through them multiple times for retention, inquiry, and deeper content understanding, and how to use them as a study tool. This will be built up over time. 6th graders will have 3 due weekly, 7th graders 5, and 8th graders 6.
  • Tutorials – Every Tuesday and Thursday are dedicated to Socratic tutorials. Students arrive having developed points of confusion based on what they are learning in their core academic classes. TRFs (Tutorial Request Forms) are due the previous day. In groups of 5-7 students, they individually present their points of confusion and then help each other learn by asking high-level questions over the content, process, and product. While the groups are facilitated by a trained, college-age tutor, the power comes with the students learning to question each other’s learning so that the whole group learns together and supports each other, which emulates college study groups.

What supplies does an AVID student need to be successful?

  • A backpack for carrying supplies
  • A 3” three-ring binder
  • Dividers with tabs for each subject
  • A pencil bag
  • A planner/calendar
  • A laptop (school-issued chromebook or personal laptop/tablet; must be charged each day)
  • Internet access outside of class (the learning commons is open before and after school)
  • Two or more pencils
  • Multi-colored highlighters
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper in front of binder OR a single-subject notebook
  • Earbuds/headphones

What is the grading policy for the AVID Elective?

  • 40% Collaboration: Tutorial Request forms, Participation in tutorials, Group assignments
  • 30% Technique: Cornell Notes, Binder organization, Planner, Learning Logs, Other college readiness techniques
  • 30% Participation: All other in class activities
  • Grades are as follows-  4 ­ (100­%)– Exemplary,  3 ­ (85%) – Satisfactory, 2 ­(65%)­– Not There Yet, 1 ­ (50%) – Unsatisfactory, 0 (0%) – No Evidence Demonstrated

How will students' conduct be assessed?
   Students will also receive a citizenship grade each nine weeks that reflects their overall effort, engagement, and responsibility. This is included on report cards and student records and is how teachers communicate classroom behavior to parents. It is also something that organizations use when considering applications for student admittance.