The front of the school is for student drop off or to park and come into the school. Please enter the one-way front circle and follow the directions below:

* Please drive slowly and watch for students exiting vehicles.
* Pull up as far as you can. This keeps the traffic flowing.
* Please do not get out of your vehicle and leave it unattended. This creates a block in the traffic flow.
* The two lanes closest to the school building are for drop-off and pick-up (Yellow on map below). The lane farthest from the school is a fire lane (Red on map below). There is no dropping off or picking up in this lane. Stopping in the fire lane is not permitted.
* Please remind students to be on alert for nearby moving vehicles.

Buses will unload and load in the marked bus lane at the back of HMS. If you need to be in the back parking lot of HMS, please do not block the stripped bus lane. If everyone can work together, the flow of traffic will allow all parents to quickly and safely drop off students.

Traffic Flow 2020


HMS has many opportunities to get involved as a parent volunteer.  We can use your help whether you can volunteer once in a while or you can commit to a regular schedule.  At HMS there are many different programs and activities that can use volunteers. Please contact the HMS office if you are interested in being in the volunteer pool.
In the interest of safety and security for students and employees, GCISD requires an annual criminal history check on all Volunteer applicants.  GCISD Volunteer Background Check Application