This is a choir department that is dedicated to excellence. Everything you do in choir is important. You must be dedicated to excellence.

Grades are based on an average of weekly scores, a sight singing test,  and a concert grade for each grading period. All of the grades are weighted equally with the exception of the concert grade that counts twice.

Concert grade: taken at each concert and is based on attendance, and the student maintaining appropriate concert etiquette.
Concerts that are missed for reasons of illness or family emergency are excused with parent contact prior to the event.

Sight singing test: One test of each type is given each grading period. The grading scale for the test is established to accommodate the experience level of the student taking the test.

Weekly Score: The weekly score is a combination of two areas, each worth 50 points toward the score. These two areas are a written grade, and a performance grade.

      Written Grade:  There will be a daily written assignment. Written assignments are to be completed at the start of class, or during the class while the student is not singing. Each week's assignments are to be turned in on Friday, or the last day of classes for the week. Assignments are completed in the Google Classroom and turned in through the Google Classroom. Assignments will not be accepted late in the event a student chooses not to complete them on time.

      Performance Grade: Your actions and participation during rehearsals will affect your performance grade. The following are the point values for performance activities;
+5 Auditioning for All Region Honor Choir
+5 Auditioning for speaking parts or solos in class
+5 Participation in solo and small ensemble contest
+5 Participation in or attendance at a musical performance opportunity
+5 Participation in non-required choir activities
+5 Contribution of creative ideas for the choir, or rehearsals
+5 Correct answers for theory and sight singing questions in class
-5 Talking or disrupting the choir rehearsal
-5 Not seated with music, laptop, and pencil when rehearsal begins
-5 Not having a pencil in class
-5 Food or gum in rehearsal
-10 Missing a sectional rehearsal, a focus time rehearsal, or dress rehearsal

-20 Removal from class for repeated violations of rehearsal procedures or school rules

Please understand that your negative actions will also have an effect on your conduct grade

I realize that this grading system may seem a bit intimidating, but as you get adjusted to it, you will begin to understand the benefits of it.