Purpose of Bronco Time: 

Bronco Time was created to provide time during the school day for students to study, complete homework, make-up work, and get extra help from teachers. This will also allow students with good classroom performance time to read, join clubs, and meet with organizations.

Classroom Tutorials

Students having trouble with assignments or missing work will be assigned classroom tutorials with individual teachers. Students may also elect to attend tutorials to receive help when needed. Tutorials are a great way to catch up on missed work or get more individualized instruction.

Bronco Time Expectations

  • Be on time for 5th period.
  • Check the Bronco Board as it is edited regularly.
  • Bring all necessary materials .
  • Academics comes before activities.
  • Use time wisely.
  • No one should be in the halls during Bronco Time. If so, you MUST have a pass.
  • Students assigned to classroom tutorials MUST attend.