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Hina Virani


If a student is absent from school, parents are asked to email or call Attendance each day at (817) 305-4804 to report the student’s name and reason for the absence (personal or illness).  Please do not leave attendance related voicemails on the main school phone number (817) 305-4790.

I often receive several incoming calls simultaneously, so if you do not reach me, leave a detailed voicemail message at (817) 305-4804.  I will receive the voicemail and process it promptly.  If easier for you, please email me at to inform me of the absence, and that email will be used as a parent note.

If a parent does not call or email regarding an absence, please send a note to Attendance the day your student returns to school.  If no contact is made, the student will have an unexcused absence.

All students now start each day as being marked absent.  Teachers are required to mark students as Present (In-Person Student), Synchronous (Remote Student), or Asynchronous (Remote Student).  Teachers have the flexibility to formally enter attendance into Skyward up to a full day after the attendance period so absences may still display the following day or longer.  If you question an absence, please email the teacher to verify student attendance.

GCISD Attendance Policy implemented October 19, 2020: 

Face-to-Face Attendance
In an ongoing effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to provide families with the opportunity to make health and safety decisions based on real-time data, we have permitted students who selected in-person learning to move to the remote at any time by simply contacting their counselor. While there are families that have made this adjustment for health and safety reasons, our campuses have experienced an influx of students not reporting for in-person instruction for a variety of other reasons. 

Beginning with the second-nine week grading period, the following attendance changes will be implemented:
If a student misses five consecutive days of in-person instruction, or five days total during a three-week period, they will be moved into remote instruction for the remainder of that grading period. Students who are in a mandatory quarantine due to COVID-19 are exempt from this mandatory instructional change. 

Special Notes:
If a student is rostered in an all-in-person classroom and unable to attend school in-person, the student will complete their work asynchronously. Teachers with full in-person student rosters will not have live Webex sessions for in-person students that are unable to attend school. 

If a student is rostered in a blended classroom (remote and in-person students) and unable to attend school in-person, the student may complete their work synchronously or asynchronously. 

Please remember to send in doctor notes to Attendance for any absences due to medical-related visits.  Do not send or email doctor notes to teachers, as the note might not be forwarded to me.  If your student does not bring the doctor's note to school, you may also email it or send it via fax (817) 267-9929.


Anyone picking up a student must be on the Skyward Family/Emergency List before signing out a student.  Have your driver’s license with you as you will be asked to provide identification as per district policy.  Please allow us plenty of time to locate your student as students in Athletics or lunch may take longer to come to Attendance quickly.  


Classroom instruction begins at 8:10.  That means students are considered tardy if they are not in their classroom at 8:10.  If you are dropping your student off at school after 8:10, they will receive a Late/Tardy Slip at Attendance.  Students are considered unexcused if they arrive after 8:25 without a doctor/parent note explaining illness.  Lateness due to missing the bus, oversleeping, traffic, car trouble, weather-related, travel, etc. are unexcused.

Parents should not accompany their student into the building if they have sent their student in with a doctor/parent note in hand, or have called Attendance to report the late arrival. 

Drivers Education – VOEs Needed:
Please email your request for a VOE to your campus Attendance Secretary at least 24 hours prior to its need and include your students First and Last name.  
A link to the form can be found here.
HMS Attendance Secretary: