This page provides a wealth of information for students and parents beginning the college planning process.  

College Search (to find the right college for you) (college: recruit, scholarship, chances of admission) (college: search, scholarships, advice, researching majors/careers (college matching for low income high achieving students) & (virtual tours, interactive campus maps (research colleges, apply to colleges) (explore colleges, apply to colleges) (college: preparing, selecting, applying, paying, deciding)


Financial Aid/Scholarship (to help pay for college) (Free Application for Fed. Student Financial Aid – apply after Jan. 1st) *Use this exact address as there are other scam sites out there!! (College planning, scholarships) (estimated family contribution, loans, scholarships, savings, military aid) (Gov’t website for Federal Aid, walks you through the process) (529 savings plans and more) (free scholarship search, job search, and military options) (Gates Millennium Scholars)


Test Prep (free help for ACT/SAT test preparation) (ACT) (SAT/AP/PSAT) SAT test prep)